Scan-Free Continuous Monitoring

Thanks to a robust Bluetooth connection between the GS1 and the SIBIONICS app, you won't have to scan the sensor with your phone to get glucose readings. The GS1 will automactically transmits your glucose numbers every 5 minutes - a total of 288 readings per day to your smartphone, keeping your mind at ease.

Alerts that Keep You Informed

Customize your glucose alarm settings in the SIBIONICS app to be alerted of high and low glucose levels, so you can act quickly to prevent more severe accidents. You also can turn on the Override Do Not Disturb option to receive alerts even when your phone is in DND mode.

🔗In order to receive glucose data, please ensure the sensor is within 20 ft of your smartphone.

Easily Access Your AGP Reports

View, download, and share your AGP reports directly from the SIBIONICS app, allowing you to conveniently review your diabetes management outcomes and provide more relevant information to healthcare professionals.

Waterproof and Beyond

Continuous glucose monitoring should not conflict with your daily life. The GS1 sensor has an IP28 waterproof rating*, so you can wear it while sweating, showering, or swimming.

◊ Sensor is certified to withstand being submerged in water up to 3.3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes.

Discreet and Comfortable

We understand that privacy is important. Our GS1 CGM is designed to be unobtrusive and stylish, so you can wear it confidently and comfortably in any setting.

Simple Powerful App

User-friendly App empowers you to manage your diabetes as well as lifestyle more scientifically and effectively. It measures, tracks and analyzes. Expect a pleasant conversation during your next doctor's appointment.

§ A 60-minute warm-up is required when pairing the GS1 sensor to the SIBIONICS app.

Easy and Painless Application

The assembly and wearing process of the sensor is simple and painless. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will be ready to go!

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