Setting up GS1 CGM
System is Simple!

Ready to set up the sensor? Allow us to guide you through it step by step.

Watch our video guide or follow the instructions below

Step 1: Download

  • For users in EU countries or the UK, please download the SIBIONICS app to your smartphone from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • For users in other countries and regions, please scan the QR code on the quick start guide to download the SIBIONICS app.

Step 2: Apply

Follow the instructions by clicking the Button below to access the Quick Start Guide to apply the sensor. Application is simple and painless.

Step 3: Connect

Open the APP and follow the instructions to pair it with your sensor. You can either scan the link code QR on the box or manually enter the 8-digit link code.

CGM Overpatch Usage Guide

  1. Prepare and Apply: Clean and dry your skin, then center the overpatch over the sensor.
  2. Secure One Side: Peel half the backing and stick it down.
  3. Secure Other Side: Peel the rest of the backing and stick it down.
  4. Check: Ensure all edges are secure.


  • Avoid damaged skin.
  • Stop use if allergic.
  • Replace if it lifts or gets damaged.