Simplifying Health Management

Efficient and user-friendly glucose monitoring solution

Crystal clear data view

Enhanced data readability for you to access and comprehend your glucose data effortlessly.

  • Data cursor mode enabled to explore data at any specific time.
  • Landscape mode for a larger view of the trend.

Multi-scenario daily check-in

Gain valuable insights into the intricate relationship between your activities and your glucose levels, empowering you to make informed decisions for your health.

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medicine
  • Insulin
  • Blood Glucose
  • Sleep
  • Condition

Insightful analysis and reports

Offer a comprehensive view to better assess your diabetes management and outcomes.

  • Current glucose trend
  • Daily overview and trend
  • Multi-day trend overlay
  • AGP statistics and report

Exportable historical data

Provide access to detailed record of your glucose data so you can have freedom to use it as you see fit.

*The SIBIONICS app stores the last 90 days of your glucose data. For glucose data older than 90 days, please contact our customer Support Team.

Supportive network for your well-being

Share your health data with your doctor and loved ones to receive timely guidance and support.

Real-time alerts

User-defined audible alerts for high/low glucose levels to protect you around the clock.

  • Alert on/off
  • Alert range
  • Alert type
  • Sound type


Effortlessly track your blood sugar levels and anticipate their trends with just a glance at your smartphone.

📱Check if your device is compatible

*A 60-minute warm-up is required when pairing the GS1 sensor to the SIBIONICS app.

What's New in the SIBIONICS App

Check out updates on the newer features in the SIBIONICS app.