Innovating for You: Revolutionizing Diabetes Care with Every Step.

Since our founding in 2015, SIBIONICS has been at the forefront of transforming diabetes management. Born from a commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of the everyday challenges faced by those with diabetes, we've consistently aimed to redefine the landscape of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems. By merging cutting-edge technology with designs centered around the user, we deliver solutions that not only meet needs but exceed expectations.

Today, with over 1,000,000 users across the globe, SIBIONICS stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in diabetes care. Our global presence is a testament to the effectiveness of our CGM solutions and our dedication to making a significant, positive impact worldwide.

Looking ahead, SIBIONICS is committed to continuing our legacy of innovation. We're not just keeping pace; we're setting the pace—constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in CGM technology and striving for excellence with each new product we introduce.

Innovar tecnologías subyacentes al servicio de la salud pública.

Nos centramos en las necesidades de gestión sanitaria de la población más amplia, y también nos preocupamos por el diagnóstico de enfermedades y los regímenes terapéuticos de poblaciones con enfermedades raras. Hemos integrado un excelente equipo científico para transformar continuamente los logros de la investigación científica de vanguardia en productos médicos y servir a la salud pública.

Los conocimientos tecnológicos sobre lo desconocido despiertan el potencial para la vida

Basándonos en las necesidades de los pacientes, introducimos la bioquímica, el diseño de chips, la inteligencia artificial, la automatización y otras tecnologías para obtener información sobre áreas desconocidas de los datos de salud y ayudar a las personas a realizar cambios hacia una mejor calidad de vida.


Nos dedicamos a ayudar a los clientes a mejorar la calidad del producto y abordar los desafíos.

Hitos y gama de productos


The GS1 CGM system received the CE mark for entering the European market.


The continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) was submitted to National Medical Products Administration for registration and was approved. The practicing license of Yinchuan Sibionics Internet Hospital was approved.


AI-DR was approved as the first Class III medical device for AI-assisted fundus disease diagnosis software in China. Sibionics was certified as National High-tech Enterprise.


Fundus camera obtained the registration certificate for Class II medical device. R&D of capsule endoscopy project was started.


R&D of continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) was started. R&D of diabetic retinopathy AI-assisted diagnosis software (AI-DR) was started.


Sibionics was established, and American R&D Center was established. R&D of artificial retina project was started.