Introducing Our New Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

24h x 14d Non-Stop Glucose Monitoring

Real-time glucose readings sent right to your smartphone

  • Highly Accurate Sensor Readings
  • 14-Days Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Calibration Free
  • No Scanning
  • Exportable AGP Reports
  • IP28 Waterproof
  • Customizable Glucose Alarm
  • User-friendly App
  • Shareable Real-Time Glucose Data
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Innovating for You: Revolutionizing Diabetes Care with Every Step.

Since our founding in 2015, SIBIONICS has been at the forefront of transforming diabetes management. Born from a commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of the everyday challenges faced by those with diabetes, we've consistently aimed to redefine the landscape of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems. By merging cutting-edge technology with designs centered around the user, we deliver solutions that not only meet needs but exceed expectations.

Today, with over 1,000,000 users across the globe, SIBIONICS stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in diabetes care. Our global presence is a testament to the effectiveness of our CGM solutions and our dedication to making a significant, positive impact worldwide.

Looking ahead, SIBIONICS is committed to continuing our legacy of innovation. We're not just keeping pace; we're setting the pace—constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in CGM technology and striving for excellence with each new product we introduce.

Every Moment of Life Matters

Glucose levels may fluctuate, but with our monitoring and predictive tools, you can stay in control anytime, anywhere. Embrace every moment of life with confidence and comfort.

Protect Your Health Around the Clock

User-defined alerts for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Know whenever your glucose is too high or too low to take timely remediations.

Simple Powerful App

User-friendly App empowers you to manage your diabetes as well as lifestyle more scientifically and effectively. It measures, tracks and analyzes. Expect a pleasant conversation during your next doctor's appointment.

🔗A 60-minute warm-up is required when pairing the GS1 sensor to the SIBIONICS app.

Discover What Our Members Say

Real Testimonials from SIBIONICS Users

“It has amazed me with its precision and accuracy of the data it provides.”

I have been using CGMs for many years and for 2 months I have been using Sibionics GS1, a sensor that has amazed me with its precision and accuracy of the data it provides. Thanks to Sibionics I have reduced my hypoglycemia and I am very happy about this.

--Luca Serafino

“Again the Sibionics was much closer to my actual blood readings!”

I was happy to receive not one, but 2 free samples, the first I used the same time as my Libre 2 and while doing finger prick bloods, the Sibionics monitor was showing far better accuracy.

--Doug Mac McCarthy丨From U.K.

“It has improved my way and quality of life.”

I was totally amazed by its level of accuracy with comparison to my glucose meter readings. It's like having a reliable work horse with you 24/7. Sibionics CGM gave me the freedom to do the things I like before having type 1 diabetes.

--Joey Kuizon丨From Philippines

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