Low-Sugar Beverages for Maintaining Stable Glucose

Low-Sugar Beverages for Maintaining Stable Glucose

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From morning coffee runs to evening cocktails, many people rely on beverages as a convenient source of hydration throughout the day. However, most commercially available drinks are loaded with added sugars that can wreak havoc on your glucose levels. Spikes and crashes leave you feeling tired, moody and craving more sugar. For those seeking a balanced lifestyle or managing a health condition like diabetes, it's important to choose low-sugar drinks that won't compromise well-being. This blog explores delicious alternatives to help maintain stable glucose levels anytime.


  1. Water

The simplest option is water. Whether plain, infused with fruits or herbs, or carbonated, water contains zero sugar and calories to keep blood glucose steady. Staying hydrated facilitates stable energy levels, nutrient delivery, metabolism and more. Make water your beverage of choice for optimal health.


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  1. Unsweetened Coffee & Tea

Caffeinated and herbal varieties pack antioxidant flavonoids without sugar's impacts. While creamers add calories, flavors like almond milk provide richness. Steep green, white, rooibos or yerba mate teas that positively influence glucose regulation.


  1. Protein Drinks

Whey, collagen or plant-based protein beverages promote fullness and stabilize blood sugar when it rises too quickly after eating. Several studies link higher-protein diets to normalized glucose levels. Blend your own shakes or explore low-sugar, high-protein store-bought options.


  1. Recipes for Low-Sugar Drinks

Satisfy cravings while supporting healthy glucose with these refreshing, naturally sweetened recipes:

  • Lemon Ginger Ale: Brew ginger tea, add lemon juice and stevia or monkfruit extract. Top with sparkling water for festive effervescence.
  • Spiced Apple Cider: Simmer cinnamon sticks in water, mash cooked apples and strain liquid into cups. Sweeten naturally and warm up with this fall favorite.
  • Mint Limeade:Muddle fresh mint and lime in seltzer water. Sweeten lightly to suit your taste with stevia.


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  1. Consider Alternatives to Soda

While an occasional sugary drink isn't the end of the world, soda is one beverage to limit regularly if possible. Fill up on seltzer, club soda or mineral water instead for a bubbly experience minus sugar overload.


When a craving hits, some better bets include sparkling water with slices of citrus, homemade ginger ale, lemonade made with stevia or unsweetened infused iced tea. With some experimenting, you can find low-sugar swaps that satisfy.


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Pre-Sweetened Beverage Products to Avoid

Drinks labelled "juice cocktails" or "fruit drinks" whole fruit in calorie and sugar content due to added sweeteners. Even sports drinks contain about 4tsp/16g of added sugar per 8oz serving with few vitamins. Pre-sweetened coffees, teas, flavored waters or sodas rank highest in sugar content, spiking glucose dramatically. Steer clear of these for blood sugar balance.



With hot cocoa, eggnog and other seasonal temptations, the winter brings extra challenges for blood glucose control. Staying hydrated by choosing water, tea, coffee and low-sugar homemade beverages as your preferred drinks creates an environment for stable energy levels all year long. Focusing on unprocessed liquid options provides nourishment without the blood sugar highs and lows of sweetened drinks. With creativity and continuous glucose monitoring, you can satisfy cravings simply and healthfully.


Delve deeper into understanding and managing blood glucose spikes by discovering hidden carb culprits. Read more on our blog: Beware These 10 Sneaky Carb Culprits Causing Blood Glucose Spikes.




Q: What are the benefits of less sugar drinks?

A: Consuming less sugar in drinks can offer several health benefits. Reduced sugar intake is associated with better weight management, lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, improved dental health, and a decreased likelihood of experiencing energy spikes and crashes. Additionally, opting for drinks with less sugar may contribute to better overall cardiovascular health and help in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.


Q: How much is low sugar in a drink?

A: <5g per 8oz (240ml) serving is considered low sugar. Unsweetened options like water or plain coffee/tea have 0g added sugar per serving.


Q: How much sugar is too much in drinks?

A: Most health organizations recommend limiting added sugars to 10% of daily calories. For an average adult, this translates to around 25 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar per day. It's crucial to be mindful of both added sugars and naturally occurring sugars in beverages.


Q: How long does the body take to process sugar?

A: By tracking your blood sugar levels within 60 to 90 minutes of a meal, you can see how your body responds to certain foods and make informed decisions about what foods are the best at stabilizing your blood sugar. After about two hours, your blood sugar should drop back down to its pre-meal level.

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